TransDimensional Crossing: A Novel by Jeff Carreira

TransDimensional Crossing: A Novel by Jeff Carreira

Jeff Carreira

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Jack was in the middle of an ordinary life when time slipped for a moment and he found himself somewhere in his past. The time slip only lasted a few seconds, but he couldn’t let it go. As curiosity became obsession Jack was swept up into a reality he never imagined. He was not who he thought he was and no one around him was who they appeared to be either. Jack’s true life was being lived at a scale that his mind could not comprehend where forces of good and evil, birth and death, were in a constant battle. On this eternal stage of multi-dimensional activity the fate of new worlds is forever being determined.

Jeff Carreira is the author of seven books that explore the practice of meditation and spiritual philosophy. He lives with his wife in Philadelphia. This is his first novel.

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