2017 Inner Strength Teacher Training

2017 Inner Strength Teacher Training

Amy Edelstein

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The Inner Strength Foundation presents its 2017 Teacher Training for the Inner Strength Teen Mindfulness Program (July 14 - August 13)

The Inner Strength Teen Mindfulness Program is a unique high school program which teaches adolescents powerful and effective focus, stress reduction, and compassion tools, all set in a framework of cultural and physiological development. Over 2000 high school students have already benefited from this program. Learn to each this innovative 12-lesson curriculum and help support teens to become happy, empowered, resilient, and creative adults. 

The 2017 Teacher Training includes two full in person weekend sessions (July 14-16 & August 11-13) as well as virtual lessons (conducted live), for a total of 56 hours of instruction. The Teacher Training will begin with a full weekend training. Over the course of the weekend, you will develop your understanding of how to teach mindfulness tools with an emphasis on a developmental context. You will learn how to work with difficult classes and what posture or inner attitude is most important for teachers of mindfulness to exemplify and transmit to students. This weekend will be followed by 4 interactive video conference calls. Participants will present to the group and being individual class reviews. In the final weekend, you will work in small groups and in the large group, refining your understanding of the specific lessons and the underlying objectives and goals. Once school classes begin in the Fall, you have the option to participate in weekly conference calls which are focused on the specific class experience. You will be given support both by Amy Edelstein and by the cohort, which is growing into a dynamic collective of  teachers committed to helping teens discover the benefits of mindfulness.


For details visit: www.InnerStrengthFoundation.net/teacher-training