2019 Inner Strength Teacher Training: Developmental Perspective

2019 Inner Strength Teacher Training: Developmental Perspective

Amy Edelstein

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Learn to teach teens mindfulness and developmental thinking.

The Inner Strength System is a unique mindfulness school program which empowers adolescents with evidence-based focus, stress reduction, and compassion tools, all set in a framework of cultural and physiological development. Teens learn how to manage challenging emotions and to see their experience in a larger frame, developing important flexibility and resilience of thinking, critical to 21st century learning. These tools make all the difference, turning a life burdened by overwhelm into a life filled with curiosity and interest. 

In The Inner Strength teen mindfulness teacher training Level 2, you will learn the fundamentals of teaching a developmental worldview and systemic thinking. You will also receive ongoing support once you begin bringing these tools into the classroom.

Please note

Part I & II are required to earn the certificate to teach the Inner Strength System and its CASEL approved 12-lesson teen program. 

See full details for Part I in the Online Course Brochure here