2019 Inner Strength Teacher Training: Pt I & Pt 2

2019 Inner Strength Teacher Training: Pt I & Pt 2

Amy Edelstein

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(Please note: You can register here for the complete training (Part 1 & 2) or the separate sections. Scroll through to find the option you are looking for. Special Early Bird discount ends Jan 27)

The Inner Strength System(TM) teen mindfulness teacher training will train you to teach mindfulness and a developmental perspective to high school students. You can take Part I only (see details on the brochure page). Part I & II are required for the Inner Strength System certificate of completion.

The Inner Strength System(TM) is a unique mindfulness school program which empowers adolescents with evidence-based focus, stress reduction, and compassion tools, all set in a framework of cultural and physiological development. Teens learn to see their experience in a larger frame, developing important flexibility and resilience of thinking, critical to 21st century learning. They become archaeologists of themselves, learning to explore their personal experience as they feel it and as a result of 300 million years of influence. These contextualizing tools make all the difference, turning a life burdened by overwhelm into a life filled with curiosity and interest.

In this Teacher Training, you will learn how to teach the 12-week Inner Strength program. You will also receive ongoing support once you begin bringing these tools into the classroom. The Inner Strength Foundation runs programs in over 50 classrooms per year in the Philadelphia School System. Successful graduates may apply to become a teacher for the Inner Strength Foundation.

Please note:

-- Part I can be taken independently, however it is a requisite for Part II
-- Sliding scale available to make the training accessible to all income levels. Please email for more information.

See full details in the Online Course Brochure here