Energy Renewal Healing & Clearing session with Dr. Tara Cuskley

Energy Renewal Healing & Clearing session with Dr. Tara Cuskley

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1-hour initial Energy Renewal Healing & Clearing session
via Skype with Dr. Tara Cuskley

Your session will include an energy body reset and clearing, tuning into your personal energetic system to remove specific blocks or core beliefs, highlighting your individual soul guidance, and a focus on one specific spiritual or life concern that is currently present in your life to gain deeper insight and energetic focus for moving forward. Your session will be designed to support your specific circumstances and goals.

Upon registration you will immediately receive an email from Dr. Tara Cuskley so that you can book the time and day of your appointment.

Dr. Tara Cuskley, Psy. D. is a New York State licensed psychologist, Reiki master, and energy healer, providing therapeutic and healing services for children and adults, combining empirically-based psychotherapeutic treatments with a holistic, integrative approach.  She is trained in cognitive-behavioral therapy, exposure therapy, mindfulness techniques, as well as Reiki healing, shamanic healing, and theta energy healing techniques.