Embrace All That You Are Audio Course

Jeff Carreira

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This is an 8 part comprehensive guide to Jeff Carreira’s powerful approach to meditation.

What you will receive in this complete mediation training program:

  • Jeff Carreira’s 160 page e-book 'Embrace All That You Are: Meditation as a Path to Wholeness
  • 8 x 40min downloadable audio sessions which are yours to keep to use over and over again however you like.
    Each audio begins with a twenty minute exploration of an essential an insight or perspective that will deepen your practice. The opening teaching is followed by a twenty minute guided meditation that will allow you to immediately integrate the insights and perspectives you learn into your practice
  • Full Instructions for organizing your own 1-Day, 8-Day, or 8-Week Retreat

Themes explored:

  • Complete Instruction in the Practice of No Problem
  • The Nature of Freedom  as Discovered in Meditation
  • Three Laws of Mind that Guide Awakening and Growth
  • Contemplations on the Fundamental Nature of Reality
  • The Incompressible Immediacy  of Spiritual Awakening
  • Non-separation and the Inherent Wholeness of Existence

Jeff Carreira has guided people throughout the world into the profound depths of meditative practice. His direct and precise instruction will invite you to the very edge of unlimited possibility.

All you have to do is let go and step in.