Great Awakenings

Great Awakenings

Amy Edelstein

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Radical Visions of Spiritual Love & Evolution

coAuthored by Chris Parish

The work of great mystics is endlessly inspiring. In this beautifully written book, Amy Edelstein and Chris Parish have crafted rare insights into the lives and work of an eclectic collection of spiritual visionaries from the East & West. From Ralph Waldo Emerson to 15th century Indian poet Mirabai, from Ramana Maharshi to Abraham Joshua Heschel, this volume of 12 mystics brings the reader into the life and heart of these thinkers. Through biographical essays, with passages from the mystics' own work, Edelstein and Parish bring alive for readers the unique courage, vision, and heart of these visionaries of the soul. The author’s goal? To encourage readers to pursue their own inner discoveries. Ideal for those just beginning a mindfulness practice or those familiar with the spiritual path. A beautiful source for interfaith sermons, and as nourishment and education for the SBNR or Spiritually Independent community in search of water for the soul. The 12 mystics include: Teilhard de Chardin, Ralph Waldo Emerson, J. Krishnamurti, Abraham Joshua Heschel, Lama Yeshe, Alfred North Whitehead, Irina Tweedie, 15th century poet Mirabai, Buddha, Ramana Maharshi, Vimala Thakar & Ram Dass.


“I had been on a pretty focused spiritual path for some time and felt a sort of weariness. I was on the edge of a new beginning. This book has been a true gift. It threw the doors of creativity wide open for me. From the get go I found joyful inspiration. I started to see every moment and everything with a fresh perception. With care and deep ease they know how to renew our interest and inspiration for Spirit. I am an artist, this book [on the mystics] is unlocking a creative energy that brings me to the essence of my own self, and makes so much possible.

~ Danielle B Castronis