How To Be Free

How To Be Free

Jeff Carreira

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How To Be Free is an invitation to embrace inherent freedom and immediate fulfillment. It is an exploration of a simple and obvious truth that is easy to understand, but very difficult to accept - you are already free, whole and fulfilled exactly the way you are right now.

We’ve all learned to think about ourselves and our lives in ways that leave us feeling perpetually incomplete and unfulfilled. We’ve been taught to look for happiness and fulfillment everywhere except the one place where it can actually be found, right here in the present moment.

In this book, Jeff Carreira will show you what it really means to live in the moment and how to be fully committed to life as it is. This is a book about inner freedom and spiritual liberation, and that means being free to live passionately, unselfconsciously, and wholeheartedly right now. It doesn’t mean life’s challenges will go away; it means life’s challenges can no longer stop you from being free.