Love, Marriage & Evolution

Love, Marriage & Evolution

Amy Edelstein

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Love, Marriage & Evolution is an inspiring, and innovative guide to making intimate relationships work. In eight chapters on essential pillars of long-term relationships, Amy helps couples engage in a fun and thoughtful exploration of the values they hold most dear. Illuminating how a developmental perspective with spiritual  roots can create trust, love, and purpose, Amy helps demystify how to make good relationships last and deepen over time. The book includes a workbook with guided contemplations and space for reader notes. A much-needed support for joy and love filled marriages.

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“Amy Edelstein has written a simple, sane and deeply reassuring guide to one of life’s most passionate, fiery and confusing topics: sex, love and marriage. Her tone is warm and personal so that the reading experience feels more like having a conversation with a caring friend than a lecture on how to change or correct one’s behavior. Edelstein draws easily and frequently on her own experience and on wisdom that was surely gained from a life grounded in spiritual practice and personal inquiry. One readily senses that this is not a compilation of what the author has read or learned secondhand but is advice and encouragement sourced in personal exploration, including failures, successes and a willingness to dig deeper. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in romantic relationships and the possibility of integrating spiritual ideals into a well-rounded, fully engaged life.” -Carol Ann Raphael