No Place But Home: Reflections on Meditation and the Spiritual Life

No Place But Home: Reflections on Meditation and the Spiritual Life

Jeff Carreira

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In this book, you will explore the miracle of meditation, which is simply the recognition that you can always be perfectly content even when your mind is not. The freedom that you discover through this insight is yours as soon as you are willing to embrace all aspects of life. The guidance you receive in these pages will release your attention from the hypnotic trance of fear, worry and self-concern, until you come to rest in the deep and abiding peace of pure consciousness.

You are what you seek, is the underlying message of this book. Each chapter offers a different perspective that further illuminates the subtle terrain of spiritual liberation. As you read, you will be led to the awareness beyond awareness, where you are always already free, clear and awake—but the freedom of mind you discover in meditation is only the beginning of the journey. Once your mind is free of its limiting assumptions, you will open to extraordinary realms beyond the familiar; energies and perceptions that lead into extraordinary realms of higher consciousness. You will learn to recognize and follow the delicate energies and sensibilities of higher wisdom, and this is the essence of spiritual life.

This book explores the wisdom of awakening using simple and easily understood language. Before you realize it, you will have entered a journey of transformation that opens the doorway to the miraculous.


"Jeff Carreria has spent most of his life pursuing the life of the mind and its resultant impact on the process of spiritual awakening. This book offers a distillation of the wisdom and insights he has gained over the years of this long journey of exploration. Allow these gems to assist you on your own journey and discover the treasures within."

~ Dorothy Walters, author of Kundalini Splendor