Paradigm Shifting: Guiding Evolution From The Inside Out

Paradigm Shifting: Guiding Evolution From The Inside Out

Jeff Carreira

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Reading this book will unlock your mind from the unquestioned assumptions that cement us in an unchanging reality. Paradigm Shifting is a powerful guidebook for anyone who is ready to liberate their imagination from the constraints of our current philosophical paradigm. Once we do, we can act as “Artists of Possibility” who articulate new perspectives and create roadmaps for the future. The ideas and thought experiments Jeff Carreira presents will catalyze cognitive and perceptual shifts that give you access to profound creative potentials.


"Reading this book is a risky proposition. It has the power to initiate a process of inquiry that could lead to de-selfing. Carreira writes lucidly and with the authority of someone who has experienced this for himself. The good news is that it left him and will leave the careful reader with a radically liberating way of orienting in the world. You get the sense that the universe is finding its way back to its own unified and unifying consciousness through this intelligent articulation of reality."

—Bruce Sanguin, psychotherapist and author of The Way of the Wind: The Path and Practice of Evolutionary Christian Mysticism

Jeff Carreira’s invitation to “wormhole inquiry" allows us to examine the metaphysical assumptions that underlie the current paradigm and constrain our worldview."

—Bonnitta Roy, Associate Editor, Integral Review Journal