Rise Up! Encouragement Card Deck for Teens

Rise Up! Encouragement Card Deck for Teens

Amy Edelstein

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Affirmations help replace negative self-talk with more positive hopeful thoughts about ourselves. Scientific studies show that when we repeat affirmations over time, neural pathways in the part of our brain that notices positive self-regard increase. This is a good thing. It means that as you practice affirmations, it helps you uproot worrying, unkind, or unhelpful thoughts.

This deck contains affirmations to overcome negative thought patterns, reduce anxiety and depression, and shift the way you are thinking about yourself and the world around you. Try these on your own, with a friend, or by journaling about how you feel after you practice affirmations. We all need a boost to help us Rise Up, give yourself that lift today.

The affirmations on these cards were developed by Amy Edelstein, based on her work with Inner Strength Education, the school mindfulness program she founded in 2014.

How To Use This Deck

  • Think of a challenge or area of your life that you want to strengthen. Hold the cards in your hands or spread the facedown on a table and choose one card. Repeat that affirmation to yourself and imagine yourself fully embodying that quality. What would you look like? What would it feel like? How could you be different? Be positive and encouraging of yourself.
  • Hold the cards in your hands or spread them facedown on a table. Pick two cards that you feel drawn to. Choose one card to represent the strengths you come with. Choose the second card to indicate strengths you can grow into. Appreciate the strengths you already have. Celebrate yourself and your positive goals. Journal about what you see and the good qualities that make you who you are.
  • Sit with a friend. Choose a card for yourself and have your friend choose a card. Exchange cards. Describe for your friend how you see that positive quality in them. Listen as your friend describes how they see the positive quality on the card you picked in you. Notice how much more strength and kindness you have that you might have overlooked. Give a shout out to your big heart!