Summer Retreat 2019 Community Days

Summer Retreat 2019 Community Days

Emergence Education

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Often when a retreat ends we have to rush home to meet obligations and commitments.

That is unfortunate because the days after the retreat ends are just as important as the days on retreat because that is when all of the experiences and insights we had will be integrated into our being.

After this year's summer retreat I will be offering for the first time ever an opportunity to stay at the retreat center for up to two days to integrate together.

We will be reserving space for up to 30 people to stay at Highland Lake Cove Retreat Center together and live as a community. You can stay until Tuesday August 20th if you like. All those that stay will be housed in Cabin accommodation only.

The schedule for these community days will be light and flexible leaving plenty of time to explore the beautiful grounds, swim in the lake, deepen our friendships and also to deal with work responsibilities.

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