The Evolution of Evolution 6-hour Retreat, Ohio - October 7

The Evolution of Evolution 6-hour Retreat, Ohio - October 7

Jeff Carreira

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The Evolution of Evolution:
Paradigm Shifting into a New Reality
A 6-hour retreat with Jeff Carreira
Saturday, October 7
10am to 4pm (Vegetarian Lunch Included)
4820 Hickory Hollow Lane
Middletown, Ohio

Join this daylong event and discover what happens when your consciousness evolves beyond the limitations of linear time and three dimensional space.

In spite of the advances of modern science, we will tend to live in a worldview that is hundreds of years old.

In this exploration with mystical philosopher Jeff Carreira you will discover how to shift your consciousness into a new paradigm and re-create the world from there.

During this 6-hour event you will discover new perspectives and new ways of thinking that have the power to dramatically shift the way you feel, think and live.

You will not only learn about new ideas and perspectives, you will be guided through thought experiments and practices that allow you to see beyond your normal perceptions into exciting new possibilities.

This will be a day of experiential philosophy where we leverage the creative powers of the mind to shift into a new paradigm.

Here are a few things you will explore during this day of inquiry and discovery.

  • How the current paradigm holds our awareness within a conceptual framework limited by concepts of linear time and three dimensional space. 
  • How our sense of what’s possible changes when we recognize that everything in the universe, including our ideas of time and space, are all evolving.
  • How our self-concept changes dramatically when we let go of our attachment to our current identity.
  • Why our unconscious assumption that there is something real in this universe might itself be entirely unfounded. 
  • How to question unconscious beliefs in ways that can free our imagination until we can conceive the impossible.