The Spiritual Practice of ReWorlding: Establishing the Foundations of a Community of Generosity

The Spiritual Practice of ReWorlding: Establishing the Foundations of a Community of Generosity

Jeff Carreira

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A 4-Hour Seminar with Jeff Carreira
and the Founders of The Local Cup

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Those of us who want a better world sooner or later come to realize that we can’t change the world out there because the world doesn’t exist out there. The world is a collection of ideas, beliefs and assumptions that we hold deep inside that shape everything we experience out there. If we want to change the world we have to change the way we think and feel about the world.

In the first part of this afternoon seminar you’ll learn about a practice a process through which we can enter into new perceptions of reality. This practice is called ReWorlding and it challenges some of our most foundational assumptions about the way things are. The exercises you engage with will give you a visceral sense of how our experience of reality is constructed directly out of our ideas about it and how a completely new experience of reality can be built by alignment with new ways of thinking.

Often when we engage in transformational work – be it personal or cultural – it sometimes seems that what impedes change is that we keep tripping over ourselves and each other, In this workshop you will see that what we are really tripping over are deeply held unconscious beliefs that stand in opposition to the change we want to see in ourselves and the world.

As transformative agents we are also often amazed that very reasonable and intelligent people can find it impossible to agree on even the most fundamental of truths. What you will discover in this workshop is that we are not all living in the same world. We don’t just have different ideas about the same world. Our different beliefs actually generate a different experience of the world.

In the second half of this workshop we will specifically explore our foundational assumptions about generosity and security as we examine the mission of The Local Cup as a ReWorlding venture.

The Local Cup was founded on the principles of a gift economy model that challenges some of our most basic assumptions about how human beings operate and what we need to be safe in the world.

The example of The Local Cup will serve as a jumping off point for a set of ReWorlding practices that will open us to possibilities of mutual prosperity and shared wealth.

Come to this workshop if:

  • You want to grow and transform either personally or culturally without tripping over unconscious beliefs that might stand in your way.
  • You recognize the importance of human solidarity in generating real change and you want to learn a language that can bring people together beyond apposing belief systems. .
  • You have always known that the world is a projection of your own deeply held beliefs and want to spend some time exploring just how true that is.
  • You know that our collectively held assumptions about generosity and security will need to be examined if we are going to create the world we all hope for.