We All Come from Somewhere

We All Come from Somewhere

Amy Edelstein

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Amy Edelstein's first volume of poems is a hauntingly moving collection of vignettes about the land, about cultural issues, and about intimate family moments. Like a box of photographs, this volume lets us sift through fleeting memories and reflections, coming away with the impression that through her words we have discovered a thought-provoking montage of our own. With a voice that is distinct, strong, and penetrating, Amy’s poems speak to a generation of readers looking for signposts that will direct us to our own depths.


"Amy Edelstein has the uncanny ability to discern in the everyday the underlying essence of what many call 'real life.' With the fresh eye of the poet and the perception of the wise woman she weaves magic where many might only note the surface features of human experience.  Her poems are adorned with stunning metaphors and images, the mark of a rare talent indeed."  
Dorothy Walters, Ph. D., Some Kiss We Want: Poems Selected and New; Kundalini Splendor: The Future as Ecstasy (forthcoming).